This blog will contain stories about what I experience while outdoors.  I hope to cover a variety of topics relating to ecology, hunting, fishing, backpacking, camping, land management, and other outdoor recreational activities.  Exactly what topics I will cover is unknown and broad, because I honestly don’t know what I will write about.  I will write about stuff that I think is interesting, and hopefully you will think it is interesting as well.

Here are some of the reasons I chose to create this blog.

Promote Iowa’s wildlife and recreation.  Most of my time spent outside is within the borders of Iowa, so I’d like to share stories about what can be seen here.  Most people think of wilderness as being out west in the mountains, however, Iowa has some places that can be similar.  I think reading my stories will show people what we can see right here in our backyard.

Becoming a better writer.  It will come in handy throughout my career to have a knack for writing about nature.  Creating stories out of my experiences will challenge my vocabulary, grammar, and ability to describe what I see.  There are naturalists out there that can describe nature in a magnificent manner, far beyond my abilities.

Documenting my experiences.  I have never been good at keeping a journal or log of my experiences.  Hopefully, after years of posting into this blog, I will have a tangible record of my interactions with wildlife.  If anything, this blog will be an archive of my experiences in chronological order as I live through life.

Learning about nature.  Since leaving college, nothing is forcing me to learn (besides my own curiosity).  There are no more exams or essays, although, a job interview can sometimes feel similar.  This blog will force me to read and learn about the different topics I write about.  Along with learning the science of how the natural world works, I will likely learn about myself.  When you write about something you have done, you end up seeing more than what is on the surface.  You dive deeper, finding out what the experience really means.

I guess it isn’t all for me…  If my experiences can inspire at least one person to go outside in search of some Iowa wildlife, then this blog will be a success.  Our state has much more to offer other than corn and beans, we just have to get off the beaten path to find it.